Natural Tie Dye Cheesecake Bars

For the Crust:
¾ stick Grassland butter
¼ cup granulated sugar
9 large graham cracker

For the Filling:
2 8oz blocks of cream cheese, softened
2 eggs
¾ cup granulated sugar
¼ cup sour cream
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
Natural food coloring

Preheat the oven to 350° and line a pan with parchment paper.

Blend graham crackers until fine crumbs form (can use a food processor or mash them in a ziploc bag). Remove crumbs and add to a bowl with butter and sugar. Mix until combined, and press firmly into the bottom of the prepared pan.

In a large bowl, use a hand mixer to beat together cream cheese, sour cream, and sugar until smooth. Add eggs, vanilla, and salt and beat until all combined.

Divide the filling mixture between four small bowls, or one bowl for as many colors as you are using. Add food coloring to each bowl, adjusting color as desired.

Make as many different color combinations as you want by adding spoonfuls of the dyed mixtures over the graham cracker crust. Make sure to use up all of the divided mixtures. Swirl colors together with a knife.

Bake for around 40 minutes. The bars will not be fully set and will be a bit jiggly. Let cool slightly, then refrigerate until firm, up to 4 hours.
Slice into bars and serve.

*Why we use natural food coloring: At Grassland Butter, we are committed to providing our consumers with non-bioengineered, non-GMO options in the marketplace. We love sharing our recipes with consumers, especially when they’re fun, exciting, and colorful. Natural food dye is a great way to add a pop of color into your recipe without adding all of the yucky stuff that comes along with artificial food dyes. So enjoy your recipe, spread more, and worry less.

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