We Care

At Grassland Dairy there is not only an emphasis on providing consumers with the finest butter, but an insistence on reinvesting into the community of Greenwood, WI which has been our home for over a century.



As a part of Grassland’s environmental sustainability initiative, a water conservation action has been developed over the past decade; the water used within our production plant is recycled and utilized for our waste treatment facility.

This operation is able to produce 850,000 gallons of water a day, saving the use of millions of gallons of water per year.

Grassland Dairy’s trucking routes are optimized to be scheduled for direct contact with supermarkets.

We use lighter trucks, and alternative routes with higher efficiency which results in less gas emissions and the reduction of fuel energy.

Grassland Dairy has also started to reduce the use of paper in all offices, with a hope to go 100% paperless in the future.



Throughout the years, Grassland Dairy has been fortunate enough to be surrounded by a community of men and women who fit seamlessly into the familial atmosphere.

I have enjoyed working with the Wuethrichs. I think they take great pride in seeing their employees being successful, and having good jobs, a good place to work.” -Leon Gregorich, 25 year employee, CEO.

With a philosophy of “hire good people, treat them like family”, generations of fathers, sons, mothers, and daughters have worked for Grassland for years, becoming a second family of Wuethrichs.

Grassland is a large company with individual relationships to their neighbors as well as an active emphasis on the next generation.

The company sees themselves not only as stewards of the land but of the community, being involved in education initiatives, charitable organizations, and supporting the health of consumers through the Non- GMO butter line.

Grassland Dairy puts the consumer first, and will maintain that commitment for centuries to come.